Low Alloy – High Toughness Ni Bearing (METRODE)

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Product Name Alloy Process AWS BS EN Description
Tufmet 1 Ni.B 1Ni MMA E8018-C3 E 46 6 1 Ni B 42 View Details
1Ni 1Ni TIG/MIG ER80S-Ni1 (3Ni1)
Metcore DWA 55E 1Ni FCW E71T-5 T 42 4 PM1 H5
Tufmet 2Ni.B 2Ni MMA E8018-C1 E 46 6 2Ni B 42 View Details
2Ni 2Ni TIG/MIG ER80S-Ni2 (2Ni2)
Tufmet 3Ni.B 3Ni MMA E8018-C2 E 46 6 3Ni B 42 View Details