Nickel Base Consumables (METRODE)

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Product Name Alloy Process AWS BS EN Description
Nimrod 182KS 182 MMA ENiCrFe-3 E Ni6182 View Details
Nimrod 182 182 MMA ENiCrFe-3 E Ni6182
Nimax 182 182 MMA ENiCrFe-3 E Ni6182
Epri P87 182 MMA
20.70.Nb 182 TIG/MIG/SAW ERNiCr-3 SNi6082
Nimrod AKS AB MMA ENICrFe-2 E Ni6092
Nimrod AB AB MMA ENiCrFe-2/4 E Ni6093
Nimax A AB MMA ENiCrFe-2 E Ni6092
20.70.Nb AB TIG/MIG/SAW SERNiCr-3 SNi6082
Nimrod 132KS 132 MMA ENiCrFe-1 E Ni6062
Nimrod 625 625 MMA ENiCrMo-3 E Ni6625 View Details
Nimrod 625KS 625 MMA ENiCrMo-3 E Ni6625
62-50 625 TIG/MIG/SAW ERNiCrMo-3 SNi6625
Nimrod  C276 C276 MMA ENiCrMo-4 E Ni6276 View Details
Nimrod  C276KS C276 MMA ENiCrMo-4 E Ni6276
HAS C276 C276 TIG/MIG/SAW ERNiCrMo-4 SNi6276
Nimrod  59KS 59 MMA ENiCrMo-13 E Ni6059 View Details
HAS 59 59 TIG/MIG ERNiCrMo-13 SNi6059
Nimrod  C22KS C22 MMA ENiCrMo-10 E Ni6022 View Details
HAS C22 C22 TIG/MIG ERNICrMo-10 SNi6022
Nimrod  C C MMA (ENiCrMo-5) DIN: E23-UM-200CKT
Nimax C C MMA (ENiCrMo-5) DIN: E23-UM-200CKT
Nimrod  617KS 617 MMA ENiCrCoMo-1 E Ni6617 View Details
61-70 617 TIG ERNiCrCoMo-1 SNi6617
Nimrod  690KS 690 MMA ENiCrFe-7 E Ni6152
Nimrod  200Ti Nickel MMA Eni-1 E Ni2061
Nickel 2Ti Nickel TIG/MIG ERNi-1 SNi2061
Nimrod  190 Monel MMA ENiCu-7 E Ni4060 View Details
65NiCu Monel TIG/MIG ERNiCu-7 SNi4060
Cupromet N30 Cupronickel MMA ECuNi View Details
70CuNi Cupronickel TIG ERCuNi BS: C18
90CuNi Cupronickel TIG BS C16
Nimax B2L B2 MMA ENiMo-7 E Ni1066
HAS B2 B2 TIG ERNiMo-7 SNI1066
Nimrod  NCM6 9%Ni steels MMA ENiCrMo-6 E Ni6620