Welding Solutions for Pipemills

Flexible, reliable welding equipment

A wide range of products developed in-house for various multiwire SAW applications which are particularly suitable for pipe welding.

Precise, high-speed longitudinal welding

Our concept for longitudinal submerged-arc welding is suitable for pipes in a normal diameter range of 20-64”, a normal wall thickness of 6-40 mm (0.24-1.57 in.) and a length of up to 18 m (708.66 in.).

Internal and external welding

For internal welding we have designed pre-stressed booms as well as welding heads for up to four wires.
The external welding station is based on a column and boom solution with a very stable cross-slide to adapt to different pipe diameters.

Return current systems (grounding)

High current circuits have to be closed back to the power source by efficient systems at constantly moving pipes. Flexible steel brushes in two rows in front and behind the welding process are pressed with defined force from outside to the pipe to catch the current with a minimum of voltage loss and to surely avoid any arc blow effect, which would disturb the weld process.

Problem-free flux and wire feed systems

Smooth feeding of wire in different diameters and equally straightforward supply of new and re-used flux.
The correct combination of compressed air, flux feeding, easy replenishment of new flux via the Big/Bag system, a vacuum unit, a reliable magnetic separator and continuous recovery helps to create welding stations with less downtime, high-quality welds and a cleaner working environment.

Spiral pipe welding

Internal and external welding is performed at one and the same station. Internal welding starts first and, after half a turn, external welding then begins – internally with two or in some cases three wires and externally with one or three wires in the welding process, depending on the diameter and wall thickness of the pipe.

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