Telbo™ 6500 and 9500

Telbo™ is a giant innovative step towards highly productive automatic welding. Saving valuable workshop space by means of the unique 3-section telescope-like retraction of the boom and securing the safety of operator.

Outstanding reach-out with heavy loading capacity to ensure superior productivity and weld quality.

Telbo is ideal for internal/external circumferential welding of windtower applications.

  • PLC control system for synchronized boom motion
  • Automatic “Wind Back” of wire during boom retraction
  • Telescopic wire guides
  • Saving in factory-floor foot print
  • Increased workshop safety
  • Enables flexible production
  • Remote controlled flux nozzle (option)
  • Remote controlled height adjustment of joint tracking sensor (option)
  • “Big Pack” handling concepts (option)
  • Camera supervision system (option)

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