Railtrac BV2000

Railtrac BV2000 is a welding tractor system that can be configured to create the optimal solution for your mechanized rail welding applications. The system is designed for horizontal use and covers most proven and globally-applied welding patterns for repair of rail and rail components in all steel types and casting grades. To minimize problems associated with harsh environments, most mechanical parts are constructed in aluminum or stainless steel.

Railtrac BV2000 is lightweight, user-friendly, quick and easy to set-up and can be connected to most ESAB wire feeders with no major modification. Remote adapters are available for the Aristo® Feed 3004/4804 and Warrior™ Feed 304. Railtrac BV2000 features different torch holders for torches and applications.

  • 42V AC powered from power source or battery driven with standard Makita® 18V system
  • Programmable welding length with automatic return to start position
  • Precision stepper motors both for drive and weaving functions for smooth and accurate motion
  • Wide speed range available in a single unit
  • Unit is programmable for weave patterns and travel speed, and is capable of controlling voltage and wire feed speed in up to 6 standard programs
  • Operator can program directly from the controls on the Railtrac machine or from the optional remote control
  • Programs available for R&M of:
    -Worn rail ends
    -Plain rail defects
    -Worn turn-out tips
    -Worn wing rails
    -Worn stock rails
    -Stainless zig-zag pattern for electrical conductivity

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