Low Alloy – Power Generation (METRODE)

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Product Name Alloy Process AWS BS EN Description
Mo.B 1/2Mo MMA E7018-A1 E Mo B View Details
Cmo 1/2Mo TIG ER70S-A1 W MoSi
1NiMo.B WB36 MMA E9018-G View Details
MnMo WB36 TIG ER80S-D2
SA1NiMo WB36 SAW EF3 S3Ni1Mo
Chromet 92 B2/921 MMA View Details
Chromet 1 1¼Cr½Mo MMA E8018-B2 E CrMo1 B View Details
Chromet 1L 1¼Cr½Mo MMA E7015-B2L E CrMo1L B
Chromet 1X 1¼Cr½Mo MMA E8018-B2 E CrMo1 B
1Cr-Mo 1¼Cr½Mo TIG/MIG CrMo1Si
ER80S-B2 1¼Cr½Mo TIG/MIG ER80S-B2
SA 1CrMo 1¼Cr½Mo SAW EB2 S CrMo 1
Cormet 1 1¼Cr½Mo FCW E81T1-B2 T CrMo1 P
Chromet 2 2¼Cr1Mo MMA E9018-B3 E CrMo2 B View Details
Chromet 2L 2¼Cr1Mo MMA E8015-B3L E CrMo2L B
Chromet 2X 2¼Cr1Mo MMA E9018-B3 E CrMo2 B
2Cr-Mo 2¼Cr1Mo TIG/MIG CrMo2Si
ER90S-B3 2¼Cr1Mo TIG/MIG ER90S-B3
SA 2CrMo 2¼Cr1Mo SAW EB3 S CrMo 2
Cormet 2 2¼Cr1Mo FCW E91T1-B3 T CrMo2 P
Cormet 2L 2¼Cr1Mo FCW E91T1-B3L T CrMo2L P
Chromet 1V CrMoV MMA E CrMoV1 B View Details
13CMV CrMoV MMA (E CrMoV1 B)
Cormet 1V CrMoV FCW
Chromet 5 5CrMo MMA E8015-B6 E CrMo5 B View Details
5CrMo 5CrMo TIG/MIG ER80S-B6 CrMo5Si
Cormet 5 5CrMo FCW E81T1-B6 T55T1-1M-5CM
Chromet 9 9CrMo MMA E8015-B8 E CrMo9 B View Details
9CrMo 9CrMo TIG/MIG ER80S-B8 CrMo9Si
Cormet 9 9CrMo FCW E81T1-B8 T55T1-1M-PC1M
Chromet 91VNR P91 MMA E9016-B9 E CrMo91 R View Details
Chromet 91VNB P91 MMA E9015-B9 E CrMo91 B
Chromet 9MV-N P91 MMA E9015-B9 E CrMo91 B
Chromet 9-B9 P91 MMA E9015-B9
9CrMoV-N P91 TIG ER90S-B9 (W CrMo91)
Cormet M91 P91 MCW
9CrMoV-N P91 SAW EB9 (S CrMo91)
Supercore F91 P91 FCW E91T1-B9
Chromet 10MW E911 MMA View Details
Chromet 92 P92 MMA View Details
Supercore F92 P92 FCW
Chromet 12MV X20 MMA E CrMoWV 12 1 B View Details
12CrMoV X20 TIG
Chromet 23L T23 MMA View Details
Cormet 23 T23 FCW
Nimrod 182KS Dissimilar MMA ENiCrFe-3 E Ni 6182 View Details
Nimrod AKS Dissimilar MMA ENiCrFe-2 E Ni 6092
20.70.Nb Dissimilar TIG/MIG/SAW ERNiCr-3 S Ni 6082
EPRI P87 Dissimilar MMA
Nimrod 690KS 690 MMA ENiCrFe-7 E Ni6152 View Details