HNG Multi

Designed for both Single (AC or DC) and Tandem (DC/ AC or AC/AC) wire welding in parallel or almost parallel joints, ranging in width from 18 mm and in depth down to 350 mm.

The HNG Multi meets the demands for a fully automatic welding process with accurate controlling of all parameters for reduced welding times and perfect weld metal when welding high-tensile material. HNG Multi is suitable for continuous operation under heavy conditions -with preheated welding objects still maintaining the same high precision and wear characteristics.

  • Continuous double-sided joint tracking gives a high reliability at shift overlap
  • Continuous measuring of joint width
  • Short-circuit protected, welding head – workpiece
  • Automatic positioning.
  • Possible to weld up to 50 mm joint width
  • Air-cooled torch
  • Reliable and uniform high weld quality
  • High productivity
  • Minimum of supplementary work

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