Highly stabilized manipulation of welding torches with optimized welding results

  • Rigid legs supported by encoder-controlled DC-driven bogie carriages as well as a cross beam to ensure uniform, stable welding speed
  • The gantry beam is equipped with guides and a rack on one or both sides for motorized welding carriages
  • The well-proven A6 welding heads are mounted on heavy duty slides with comprehensive working strokes to obtain good access to the workpieces
  • Incorporates the A2-A6 Process Controller PEK, equipped with GMH automatic joint tracking to control the vertical and horizontal axes
  • Submerged arc welding is the ideal method for the applications intended for this station
  • The flux handling equipment can be operated conveniently, without time-waisting interruptions. At the same time as flux consumption is reduced, the workplace is kept clean and free from flux spillage
  • The welding heads can be turned ±180 degrees for welding in both X-directions as well as 90 degrees for welding in Y-direction across the beam
  • A large number of positioning axes permit flexible welding production

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