Aristo 1000 AC/DC

The ARISTO 1000 AC/DC power source is designed to deliver the best submerged arc welding (SAW) performance with the lowest power consumption resulting in more welding per kilowatt hour.

  • Designed for use with the A2.-A6 PEK process controller and the robust A2./A6 feeder units EAC10 and Versotrac/Versoarc
  • A global inverter – connect to a three phase mains supply from 380V to 575V, 50 or 60Hz
  • AC settings – Bead Profile Modelling*
  • Full control of the settings for AC welding – by controlling the AC frequency, balance and offset, you can optimize the penetration profile, heat input, deposition rate, arc stability, and stirring effect to suit your individual needs
  • Change between DC and AC “on the fly” – minimize downtime and weld defects with the push of a button with the patent pending “on the fly” function
  • More output – two ARISTO 1000 AC/DC power sources can easily be connected in synchronized parallel mode to deliver more welding current if required
  • Designed for heavy-duty industrial environments
  • Long welding cables – patent pending Cable Boost technology stores energy and instantly delivers up to 450% additional energy when required extending the maximum usable weld cable length by more than a factor of two without compromising the weld result
  • Remote-controlled on/off function save energy – multiple power sources in a remote location can be controlled by a remote function and can easily be switched off to save energy
  • Power efficiency and less current consumption to reduce your installation and running costs and help to reduce your carbon footprint
  • All cables are connected in a cabinet in the front of the machine, easily accessible for service and well protected from damage for uninterrupted welding production
  • Ideal for these applications:
    – Windtower structures, nuclear components
    – Beams, bridge components
    – Trailer beams, excavator components
    – Panel lines, sub components
    – General fabrication
    – Single or multi-wire applications
Welding Process
  • SAW – Submerged Arc Welding
  • ESW – Electro-Slag Welding

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