Tank welder is a series of self-propelled 3 o’clock welding equipment primarily developed for on-site erection of large storage tanks, silos, blast furnaces and similar cylindrical objects. It is available as a single-side version and a doubleside version. Usually it is designed to travel on the top edge of the tank shell.

As there are different ways of building tanks, one machine in the series is designed to travel on a rail which is temporarily fixed to the shell or on a stand-alone ring outside the shell.

Operator safety CE approved

The operator of each machine (if a double-side version) rides in a cabin, where he supervises and controls the welding process with the control panel within reach or within hands reach.

The cabin, whose floor level under the carriage is variable to suit the height of the plate, is built as a cage to give the operator(s) maximum safety and comfort.

For weather protection the cage can be covered by curtains. The cabin of a double-side machine is equipped with step ladders and an adjoining bridge at the top to facilitate the operators to climb onboard The bridge also has guard rails for the safety of the operators.

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