A6S Electroslag Strip Cladding

The electroslag strip cladding process is increasingly used for the production of corrosion resistant overlays in equipment for the offshore and process industries. Since it has been developed in the early seventies, the technical and economical advantages of this process have resulted in more widespread use compared to that of submerged arc strip cladding.

The equipment for elctroslag cladding corresponds with equipment for submerged arc cladding, except the special ESW cladding head is water cooled.

ESW Cladding Kit
  • Possbility to use strip electrode with a width from 30-90 mm with water cooled heads
  • ESW 60 (30-60mm) & ESW 90 (60-90mm)
Magnets (Option)

The geometry of the weld pool can be influenced by way of external electro magnets. The magnets are to be placed on either side of the welding head. The magnetic flow is oriented so the desired magnetic flow is created. Recommended for strips over 60 mm.

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