A6 Mastertrac A6TF (SAW)

Self-propelled, 4WD, automatic welding machine. Available for single or twin arc welding.

Single: with standard or high speed motor
Twin: convert an A6 Single Mastertrac into a highly productive automatic twin arc welder for fillet and butt welds with a simple add-on for the extra wire and without the use of an extra machine or power source

  • Quick set-up for different workpieces
  • Suitable for heavy production welding with capacity for up to 0.24 in. (6 mm) wire using 1500A direct or alternating current
  • Designed for use with LAF (DC), TAF (AC), and ARIST0-1000 AC/DC welding power sources
  • Weld mild steel and aluminum solid or cored wire by modifying an A6 Single Mastertrac with an easy conversion kit for gas metal arc welding (GMAW)
  • Pre-set and control of welding parameters with the A2-A6 PEK process controller – a digital control system with display menus; 255 different weld sets can be stored

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