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Welding Consumable For Mild Steel, High Tensile Strength Steel and Low Alloy Steel

Product Name Process AWS Classifications
OK 46.00 SMAW E6013
OK 48.04 SMAW E7018
OK 48.08 SMAW E7018-G
OK 55.00 SMAW E7018-1
OK 75.75 SMAW E711018-G
Dual Shield 7100S FCAW E71T-1
Dual Shield 7100 Ultra FCAW E71T-9J
OK Autrod 12.22 SAW EM12K
OK Autrod 12.32 SAW EH12K
OK FLUX 10.71 FLUX -
OK FLUX 10.62 FLUX -


Welding Consumables For Stainless Steel

Product Name Process AWS Classifications
OK 308L SMAW E308L-16
OK 316L SMAW E316L-16
OK 309L SMAW E309L-16
OK 67.70 SMAW E309MoL-17
OK Tigrod 308L GTAW ER308L
OK Tigrod 309L GTAW ER309L
OK Tigrod 309MoL GTAW -
OK Tigrod 316L GTAW ER316L
Shield-Bright 308L FCAW E308LT1-1
Shield-Bright 309L FCAW E309LT1-1
Shield-Bright 316L FCAW E316LT1-1
Shield-Bright 308L XTRA FCAW E308LT0-1
Shield-Bright 309L XTRA FCAW E309LT0-1
Shield-Bright 316L XTRA FCAW E316LT0-1
Shield-Bright 309LMo XTRA FCAW E309LMoT0-1
OK Autrod 308L SAW ER308L
OK Autrod 309L SAW ER309L
OK Autrod 316L SAW ER316L
OK FLUX 10.92 FLUX -


Welding Consumables For Repair And Maintenance And Aluminium

Product Name Process AWS Classifications
OK 68.81 SMAW E3123-17
OK 92.18 SMAW E Ni-CI
OK 92.58 SMAW E NiFe-CI-A
OK Autrod 5183 GMAW ER5183
OK Autrod 5356 GMAW ER5356
OK Tigrod 5356 GTAW ER5356
OK Tigrod 5183 GMAW ER5183